Articles – Elections

Nomination of Members

Who is Prohibited from Being an Inspector of Elections

Why You Should Not Be an Inspector of Elections

Why CC&R's Must Be Updated

Assessment Limitations - 20% - Voting Requirements

Special Assessment Limitations - Voting Requirements

Appointment of Assistants to Inspector of Elections

Official Ballots Required for HOA Elections

Revocation of Ballots – HOA Elections

Virtual or Zoom Meeting for Elections

Election Rules Required

Proof of Membership - Secret Ballot Elections

Cumulative Voting

Non-Cumulative Voting – Straight Voting

Candidate Forums – Board Elections

Quorums for Election of Directors

Quorum Not Achieved of Election of Directors

Proxies as Substitutes

Record Date for Meetings and Voting

Returning Ballots to Inspector of Election

Write-In Candidates – Nominations from the Floor

Uncontested Elections for Board Members

Suspending Voting Rights

Term Limits for Directors

Balloting Period Extensions

Adjournment of Meetings

Ballots That Are Blank

Email Ballots or Paper Ballots

Recording the Election Results

Sample Provision for Minutes - Election of Directors

Reasons to Amend or Restate Your Association's CC&Rs - Voting Requirements

Granting Exclusive Use Easements to Members

Reasons to Incorporate Your HOA - Voting Requirements

Filling Vacant Board Positions

Why Should You Run for Election to the Board of Directors of Your HOA

How to get Elected to the Board of Directors of Your HOA

What Happens if Nobody Runs for the Board

Pledge by Nominee for Election to Board of Directors

Election of Officers by Board of Directors

Membership Meetings Required

Earthquake Insurance for Homeowner Associations

Voting for Earthquake Insurance

Voting to Amend CC&Rs - Assignment of Rents

Voting to Amend CC&Rs - Clogged Drains

Voting to Minimize Liability for Dangerous Animals

Voting to Eliminate Unlawful Rental Restrictions

Recall Elections - Board of Directors

Appointment of a Provisional Director for an HOA

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